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Diversity Grants Available for Local Initiatives

August 1, 2016    2047 Views

Diversity Grants

Resources offered by US Lacrosse to local organizations to support projects and events that promote lacrosse opportunities among non-traditional participants. Read More »

US Lacrosse Hosting Adaptive Lacrosse Seminar

July 13, 2016    1155 Views

Adaptive Lacrosse Seminar

Free event on October 14-15 seeks to assist program leaders in expanding lacrosse participation opportunities for athletes with physical or intellectual impairments. Read More »

US Lacrosse and You Can Play Project Announce Collaboration

April 21, 2016    1808 Views

You Can Play

Partnership will promote inclusion and equality for all lacrosse participants and seek to create a safe and healthy environment for athletes. Read More »

Unmasking Their Potential: Oakland Lacrosse Club

November 30, 2015    1806 Views
Unmasking Their Potential: Oakland Lacrosse ClubThe latest installment of US Lacrosse "Stick Stories" follows Oakland Lacrosse Club as they grow the game in Northern California's inner-city neighborhoods. Read More »

US Lacrosse Adopts New Strategic Plan

November 18, 2015    3410 Views
US Lacrosse Adopts New Strategic PlanThe US Lacrosse Board of Directors recently adopted a new three-year strategic plan that will shape the organization’s priorities from 2016-2018 Read More »

Diversity and Inclusion Grants Awarded by US Lacrosse

October 20, 2015    2863 Views

Diversity Grants

Awards to local organizations will help support lacrosse outreach opportunities for underrepresented communities.

Read More »

6 New National Diversity Grants and Scholarships Available

August 20, 2014    10639 Views
Diversity Inclusion Lacrosse Scholarships GrantsUS Lacrosse is offering five new national diversity and inclusion grant opportunities, as well as an educational advancement scholarship for youth players. Read More »

US Lacrosse Finds Willing Partners to Help Diversify the Sport

June 11, 2014    12563 Views
US Lacrosse Finds Willing Partners to Help Diversify the SportUS Lacrosse ramps up partnerships with like-minded organizations to increase diversity among underrepresented groups in the sport. Read More »

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