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Making Your
Job Easier

Membership Benefits

US Lacrosse is much more than supplemental insurance and the publisher of Lacrosse Magazine. Find out what benefits your players, coaches, officials and families receive.

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Membership Validation

Simplify the task of confirming US Lacrosse membership.

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Group Memberships

Streamline your efforts for getting memberships for your league with one of four options.

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Certificates & Awards

Download free templates to create player and coach certificates to celebrate achievements.

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Health & Safety

Since its formation, US Lacrosse has allocated resources for health and safety research of both men’s and women’s lacrosse. Educating the public has also been a main focus of the organization.

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US Lax Teams

US Lacrosse and League Athletics are proud to offer, the most comprehensive, hassle-free league management solution available for lacrosse administrators.

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