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Continuing Education

US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program

US Lacrosse wants to foster ongoing professional learning for our Coaching Education Program certified coaches, so certified coaches now have the opportunity to earn continuing education opportunity credits in addition to their certifications.

What is a continuing education opportunity?

A continuing education opportunity is a chance for Coaching Education Program certified coaches to gain knowledge and credit for ongoing learning about the sport of lacrosse and the art of coaching. Online, in-person, and other opportunities will be published here and promoted in our monthly newsletters to give all certified coaches the opportunity to become a better coach through timely and relevant learning experiences.

Why pursue continuing education?

Our goals are to offer dynamic learning opportunities for certified coaches that supplement the core curriculum you experienced through the journey of earning your Level 1, 2 or 3 certification, and to deepen your knowledge of lacrosse coaching as is relates to your current coaching experience, age group or program type. We will also strive to bring you a diverse mixture of topics from all domains of the National Standards for Coaches through these learning opportunities, which will be delivered in web seminar, e-learning, or in-person platforms throughout the year.

How does continuing education support certification?

As one of the components for Level 3 certification, coaches must complete a total of six continuing education credits, three in theory and three in tactics. All credits must be completed in either the men's or women's game.

Continuing Education Opportunities: Tactics

Women's Game Men's Game
US Lacrosse National Convention sessions ^ US Lacrosse National Convention sessions ^
US Lacrosse Pro Libraries sessions*
Free for Convention attendees
US Lacrosse Pro Libraries sessions*
Free for Convention attendees
Building the Modern Midfielder*
Purchase book and complete survey
US Lacrosse "How to Make Proper Contact in Boys and Men's Lacrosse"^*%
Mentoring Session through Instaviser Mentoring Session through Instaviser
Building the Modern Attacker*
Purchase book and complete survey
Men's Fundamentals of Goalkeeping*
Women's Fundamentals of Goalkeeping*
Ohio Machine Coaches Convention
Check-in at USL booth onsite for credit
Ohio Machine Coaches Convention
Check-in at USL booth onsite for credit 

* Online
^ In-person
% Requirement for Men's CEP Level 1 Certification as of Feb. 1, 2014

US Lacrosse works with colleges and other groups to determineadditional continuing education opportunities, including clinics,courses, webinars and more. Additional opportunities will be addedto the grid above throughout the year.