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Coaching Education Program

This form is a request for Level 1 CEP instructional clinics only.

After completion of this form, interested hosts will be asked to secure a quality site and complete our clinic site information worksheet in order to formally place a clinic on the CEP schedule. Questions about hosting or for information on hosting a Level 2 clinic, please contact our Clinic Manager.

Host Information

Where possible, US Lacrosse strongly encourages providing clinics for both games

All date requests are subject to availability. US Lacrosse requires a minimum 8 weeks lead time for a national level clinic. Please consult your chapter for local clinics where available
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I have contacted my local chapter and made them aware of my interest in hosting
I am interested in hosting a national Level 1 instructional clinic. I have 5-7 hours per week to devote to planning the clinic. Please contact me for additional information.
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