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Level 1 Clinics

Coaching Education Program

The Level 1 Clinic brings the Level 1 online course to life through hands-on training facilitated by US Lacrosse-certified trainers. The curriculum is designed to introduce coaches to the responsibilities and philosophies of coaching and how to provide a safe and athlete-centered environment that emphasizes positive growth and sportsmanship. You’ll acquire the tools to teach rules, basic individual skills and basic team concepts to beginning players of all ages. This baseline training is relevant for all lacrosse coaches, regardless of experience.

Coaches must complete a Level 1 clinic to attain Level 1 certification.

Date Clinic Location Details
Sept. 26
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Women's Level 1 with PCA ($75)
Men's Level 1 with PCA ($75)
Annapolis Area Christian School 
Severn, Md.
Women's Game Clinic
Men's Game Clinic