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Best Practices for Assigners

2014 Assigners' Best Practices Guide

New in 2014, for boys' and girls' lacrosse assigners at the high school and youth levels.

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US Lacrosse, Arbiter & the NFHS Partnership

US Lacrosse recognizes the important role that assigners of lacrosse officials play in the quality of experience for all participants.

Over the next three years the organization hopes to provide expanded support and resources for assigners of lacrosse for high school and youth as they look to responsibly provide qualified officials to support our rapidly growing sport.

Assigner’s Summit 2014

Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia PA

Friday, January 10, 2014, 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

US Lacrosse is pleased to offer this summit at the National Convention for lacrosse officiating assigners of the high school and youth levels. This year will feature three, 40-minute breakout sessions with risk management, legal and Arbiter experts. Attendees will also receive a copy of the newly updated Assigners' Best Practices Guide which will be the basis for all three presentations.

Summit will occur prior to the start of regular convention sessions and is open to US Lacrosse member assigners only and is absolutely FREE! Registration has closed.

2013-2014 Goals

US Lacrosse, its staff, and its volunteer leadership, have identified the following initiatives for 2013-2014:

  • Create a comprehensive guide of assigner’s best practices which can be a tool for new and experienced assigners to best execute their job and ensure quality of experience for all lacrosse participants involved in the high school game and below.
  • Develop an assignor-specific US Lacrosse membership category with specific insurance coverage and benefits with the assignor in mind.
  • Expand programming and training for assigners at the 2014 US Lacrosse National Convention.

Interested in serving on an assignor-related task force or working group?