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US Lacrosse
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Local Board Chairs

Womens Officials District Coordinators Map

Super Region I

State/Area Chair
Connecticut Erin Michaud
Eastern Massachusetts Jane Vigeant
Western Massachusetts Lynne Geiger
Rhode Island Michael Forte
Maine Sue Perkins
New Hampshire Lynmarie Cusack-Lehmann
Vermont Jessica Christian

Super Region II

State/Area Chair
Buffalo Don Boyd
CNY Rochester Colleen Spiegelhof
Watertown Chris Brown
Suffolk County Maureen Earle
Westchester Craig Eason
Nassau County Randy Levine
Northern New York - Canton Mike Faucher
Mid-Hudson Paul Rickard
New York City Eric Sanders
Syracuse Dave Shiffman
Adirondack Lisa Volland
Binghamton Bob Scarinzi

Super Region III

State/Area Chair
Philadelphia Lorma Capili
Pittsburgh Cheryl Emmert
Delaware Roger Cooper
West New Jersey Cheryl Anstoz
Wyoming Valley Devon Holcomb
New Jersey Shore Dan Caron
North East Jersey Laura McCarthy
York (Pa.) Toyah Houck Nastanovich
Lancaster (Pa.) Luke Howard
Central New Jersey Jennifer Spieker
Central Pennsylvania Carol Venet
Lehigh Valley Joanna Mcdevitt

Super Region IV

State/Area Chair
Chesapeake Debbie Carney
Eastern Shore (Md) Bob Jones
Montgomery County (Md) Kelly Stodter
Harford County (Md) Lynn Lehto
West Virginia Jeanne Dreisbach
Central Virginia Alice Harwell
Central Maryland Terry Curtis
Washington, DC Pam Shea
Howard and Carroll County (Md) Diana Carey
Southern Maryland Kay Percich
Blue Ridge, Virginia Melissa Wiggens
Baltimore Tom Hanley
South Carolina Scott Tucker
Eastern North Carolina Kelly Garris
Western North Carolina Denise Rodio
Tampa Roland Doucette
Orlando Nicole Zambrana
Georgia Veronica Hewgley
Tennessee-Knoxville  Nikki Linneman
Tennessee-Memphis Mary Jones
Tennessee-Nashville  Max Cook
Alabama Willie Prince
South Florida Al Grimaldi
North Florida Glenn Gallagher
Deep South (AR, LA, MS) Rena Whitehouse

Super Region V

State/Area Chair
Badger Caitlyn O'Connell
Northern Ohio Marc Dunker
Kentucky Matt Sallee
Northern Indiana (Fort Wayne) Carrie Bowie
Indianapolis Drew Hintz
Central Ohio Bill Gardiner
Southern Ohio Anne Murphy
Chicago Les Moe
Lakeside Wisconsin Caitlin O’Connell
Eastern Michigan Nick Conway
Western Michigan Kevin Arnold
Wisconsin West Gianina Mature
Great Plains Gary Laskowski
St. Louis Julie Reitz
Minnesota Tony Lancette
Central Texas Carolyn Merritt
North Texas Joe Mannes
South Texas Scott Briggs

Super Region VI

State/Area Chair
Colorado Cyndy Schlaepfer-Youker
Utah Cassie Cottle
Arizona David Woodson
San Diego Marcy Latino
Orange County Kevin Mahoney
Northern California NorCal Umpire Comm
Santa Barbara Stan Lopez
Oregon Katie Wicks
Washington State Jeff Grose
Idaho Kristy Sligar