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Responsible Sports Parenting

A safe and positive playing experience starts by knowing the rules and how to appropriately and effectively coach, officiate and play the game.

Coaches and officials need effective training - through US Lacrosse's certified training programs - to ensure athlete safety.

US Lacrosse also commits significant resources to the proper training of officials for both the men's and women's game.

Women's lacrosse differs greatly from men's lacrosse and should not be played or taught the same way.

To keep things safe, all lacrosse participants have a responsibility to know the rules...parents and players included! Most injuries occur as a result of rule infractions. Know the rules and participate in US Lacrosse's campaigns for fair and safe play.

As a regular feature in the monthly Parents e-newsletter produced by US Lacrosse, we answer member submitted questions by having experts on the topic provide a response. Topics run a broad gamut, from issues related to rules and equipment, to questions related to sportsmanship, safety and injury prevention.

We've provided links to recent questions and answers below, and will continue to add to this listing in the future. Please check back regularly as more expert answers are provided.

Recent Topics

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