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Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Associates

WCLA News & Announcements

    Reminder: a number of WCLA recognition and award deadlines are approaching in April. The 2014 nomination forms have been updated on the "Committees' subpage.

    Access the 2014 Nomination Forms

  • 2014 WCLA Operating Procedures and Bylaws - Please read about the new procedures.
  • 2014 WCLA Team Roster Eligibility Verification Form - Due February 1, 2014 to your league president. All Roster Forms must be received by US Lacrosse by February 15, 2014
  • Hardship Requests: Must be received by the WCLA Eligibility Chair by February 15, 2014
  • Schedules must be submitted to LaxPower by February 15 or by your first game, whichever is earlier.

Submit Game Scores to LaxPower Online

Scores are required to be submitted within 24 hours. Please send 2014 game schedules to LaxPower by emailing

Submit Your 2014 Scores

2014 WCLA Operating Calendar

December 3, 2013
  • Team Membership Dues and 2014 WCLA Team Application Form deadline. Late fee applies for dues not paid AND applications received by this deadline.
  • Individual team petitions to move up or down in DI or DII classification must be made to the WCLA Chair.
  • Deadline for leagues to submit a representative to the Rankings and Recognition Committees to meet the criteria for an AQ. Please email the WCLA Chair with your representatives.
February 15, 2014

To be eligible for the WCLA National Tournament, teams must complete these requirements by this date:

  • 2014 WCLA Team Application Form - (Form to be posted mid August) on file with USL.
  • 2014 WCLA Membership Dues and Late Fees (if applicable) paid in full.
  • Team schedule submitted to LaxPower by this date or by your first scheduled game, whichever is earlier.
    • Titles for tournaments you plan on attending should be listed on your schedule at this time if you are unaware of the exact tournament schedule.
  • Submitted a completed 2014 WCLA Team Roster Eligibility Verification Form to USL by this date.
    • Teams playing games prior to February 15th are responsible for adhering to all player eligibility rules and submitting their schedule to LaxPower prior to the start of play.
    • It is recommended that WCLA Team Roster Eligibility Verification Forms be submitted to the League Presidents by February 1st so that US Lacrosse may receive them by February 15th in one envelope for the entire league.
  • Request for player exceptions or hardship waivers must be submitted by this date.
  • Last day to add/drop a game.
April 1, 2014
  • Academic All-American submissions due to Jessica Hardy. Be advised that your submission must include a copy of an unofficial transcript. Nominations can be scanned and emailed or post-mark mailed by this date.
April 1, 2014
  • WCLA All-American, Coach of the Year and Jenn Eames Team Award submissions due to your Regional Recognition Committee Representative. To download forms please see the Committee Page
April 21, 2014 (9:00 PM PDT)
  • Each league that has an Automatic Qualification bid to the WCLA National Tournament must submit their representative by EMAIL to the Rankings Committee Chair and the Governance Chair by this time and date. Leagues are strongly encouraged to re-read the current WCLA Operating Procedures/Bylaws document AND Rankings document to ensure proper compliance. Failure to abide by this rule can result in your league forfeiting its Automatic Qualifier (AQ).
May 7-10, 2014
  • WCLA National Tournament (Virginia Beach Sportsplex, Virginia Beach, Virginia)

2014 Approved WCLA Play Dates

Division I & II

Feb. 14-17: 26th Annual Santa Barbara Shootout, Santa Barbara, Calif.
Contact: Paul Ramsey – 805.893.2204 –

March 1-2: Boise Classic, Boise, Idaho
Contact: Tracey Garrett – 208.230.0762 –

March 14-16: Desert Lacrosse Tournament, Las Vegas, Nev. (DII – DI teams welcomed)
Contact Miliakeala Heen – 702.860.0732 –

March 28-30: Virginia is for Laxers at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va
Rachel Pascale – 571.271.7339 –

March 28-30: Mile High Invitational, Boulder, Colo. (DI event)
Jessica Tomlinson – 720.879.4118 –

April 4-6: Pomerstone Classic, Martinsville, Va.
Contact: David Pomeroy – 443.827.3574 –

2014 - WCLA Automatic Qualifier Update

August 1, 2014

The WCLA Sub-Committee is announcing the following lacrosse leagues have been ruled eligible to receive an Automatic Qualifier (AQ) to the 2014 National Championship Tournament provided they meet the criteria set forth in the WCLA Operating Procedures and Bylaws during the 2014 season.

2014 Division I - Eligible AQ Leagues

MAWLL - Mid Atlantic Women's Lacrosse League
NEWLL - New England Women's Lacrosse League
NWWLL - Northwest Women's Lacrosse League
RMWLL - Rocky Mountain Women's Lacrosse League
SWLL - Southeastern Women's Lacrosse League
TWLL - Texas Women's Lacrosse League
WCLL - Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League
WWLL - Western Women's Lacrosse League

2014 Division II - Eligible AQ Leagues

MAWLL - Mid Atlantic Women's Lacrosse League
NEWLL - New England Women's Lacrosse League
NWWLL - Northwest Women's Lacrosse League
RMWLL - Rocky Mountain Women's Lacrosse League
WCLL - Women's Collegiate Lacrosse League
WWLL - Western Women's Lacrosse League
NCWLL - National Central Women's Lacrosse League

For 2014, the WCLA National Championship Tournament will include 16 teams from Division I and 12 teams from Division II.

Mission Statement

The mission of the USL Women's Collegiate Lacrosse Associates is to promote the growth of women's lacrosse nationwide. Specifically, the WCLA strives to provide an infrastructure in which collegiate clubs will compete and eventually crown a national champion. Leadership opportunities exist on the local, regional and national levels as WCLA is a representation of teams at all levels. WCLA members are then encouraged to give back to the lacrosse community by joining the umpiring, coaching and post-collegiate club communities.