US Lacrosse
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For general questions of the WCLA such as have you received my application, dues or roster forms please email

US Lacrosse Mailing Address:

US Lacrosse
Attn: WCLA / Liz Piper
113 West University Parkway
Baltimore, MD 21210

WCLA Leadership Listing

WCLA ChairGlen Shurtleff
Communications & Social Media Chair (Secretary)Greg Normand
Competition ChairJohn Pellino
Development ChairMegan McConaty
Eligibility ChairJessica Tomlinson
Governance ChairEric Stein
National Tournament & Sponsorship Chair (Vice Chair)Jillian Marchese
Rankings Chair – DIAdam Weinstein
Rankings Chair – DIIMo Gaitan
Recognitions Chair – DIJen Lee
Recognitions Chair – DIITracey Garrett
Umpire Representative (USL Rules Chair)Lissa Fickert


US Lacrosse - Managing Director of Game AdministrationAnn Kitt Carpenetti
US Lacrosse - Women's Game DirectorMelissa Coyne
US Lacrosse - Board of Directors - Women's Game Committee ChairCarter Abbott
US Lacrosse - Women's Game ManagerElizabeth Piper
US Lacrosse - Event ManagerShannon Minter
LaxPowerDan Larsen

WCLA League Liaisons

CPWLLMegan McConaty
MAWLLJillian Marchese
NEWLLJohn Pellino
NWWLLTracey Garrett
RMWLLJessica Tomlinson
SWLLAdam Weinstein
TWLLEric Stein
NCWLLMo Gaitan
WCLLGreg Normand
WWLLJennifer Lee