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Men's Post Collegiate Clubs

The Men's Division Post-Collegiate Clubs Council represents the interests of post-collegiate club teams and players around the country. The following post-collegiate leagues mandate US Lacrosse membership in order to benefit from the US Lacrosse insurance program: the United States Club Lacrosse Association, American Lacrosse League, Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Association, Florida Lacrosse League and South Eastern Lacrosse League.

The Masters/Grand Masters Committee of the Council was formed in 2000 and represents the interests of players who are 35 and over. Initiatives of this Committee include identifying membership, forming leagues and overseeing potential international play for players 35 and over.

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US Lacrosse Post College Subcommittee

Tim Rossi — Manhattan Beach, Ca.
Jason Feinstein — Thornton, Colo.
Jay Liegey — Delray Beach, Fla.
John Newtown — Dallas, Tex.
Steve Walker — Ross, Ca.


If questions, please contact Men’s Game Post College Club Chair Tim Rossi by email at