US Lacrosse
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List of PCC Clubs

Below you will find a national database of Club Teams and their contact(s) listed alphabetically by "Club Team" name. If your team is not listed or is listed incorrectly, please let us know and we will add/modify your team's information. Simply email us with the correct information and we will make the needed update.

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Club Team City/State Region Contact Profile
Adirondack Women's Lacrosse Adirondack, NY New York Nancy Hoxie  
Annaplax Lacrosse Annapolis, MD Middle Atlantic MC Rossing,
Carol Snyder
Arizona Storm Arizona Southwest Jessi Livingston View
Atlanta Women's Lacrosse Club Atlanta, GA Southeast Melissa Melito View
Austin Red Socks Austin, TX South Central Johanna Owens  
Barracuda Club Seattle, WA Northwest Contact  
BayLax San Francisco/Bay Area, CA Pacific Chandini Davis View
BC Lacrosse Club Binghamton, NY New York Amy Baums  
Boston Blizzards Boston, MA Lower New England Jess Blair  
Boston Women Boston, MA Lower New England Jamie Baladante  
Breakaway Lacrosse Club Seattle, WA Northwest Jeanette Wake,
Angie Kaake
Cap City Lacrosse Greater Columbus, OH Great Lakes Caroline Chao  
Capital Lacrosse Washington, DC Middle Atlantic Elaine Knobloch View
Carolina Heat Lacrosse Triangle, NC Lower Atlantic Emily Scott View
Central Lacrosse NYC New York City, NY New York Deanna Culbreath  View
Charlotte Women's Lacrosse Club Charlotte, NC Lower Atlantic Darci Gervaise Allie Gleditsch  View
Chicago Ladylax League

Chicago, IL

Great Lakes

Jennifer Sommers  
Chicago-Lakeshore Women's Lacrosse Club Chicago, IL Great Lakes Bridget Olp  
Cincinnati Queens Cincinnati, OH Great Lakes Anne Murphy  
Coburn's Baltimore, MD Middle Atlantic Ashley Fitzhugh
Ali Napolitano
Colorado Women's Lacrosse Association
Denver, CO Mountain Andrea Palumbo   
Cowichan Storm Women's Field Lacrosse Cowichan Valley, 
BC, Canada
Northwest Jamie Rigby  
Dallas Threat Dallas, TX South Central Amy McCaulley  
Della Rose's Baltimore, MD Middle Atlantic Christy Morris  View
Eagle Vantage Women's Lacrosse Dayton, OH Great Lakes Jay Richards  
E-Town Baltimore, MD Middle Atlantic Laura Shearer View
Florida Women's Lacrosse League South Florida, FL Southeast Bob Motta  
Gold Coast Lacrosse Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Southeast Lauren Brooke  
Gotham Women's Lacrosse New York City, NY New York Justine Tien View
Granite Girls Manchester, NH Upper New England Mary Squire  
Hampton Roads Rip Tide Hampton Roads, VA Middle Atlantic Staci Handley  
Hero's Club Annapolis, MD Middle Atlantic Renee Ensor View
Hootenannies Massachusetts Lower New England Miriam Esbar,
Liz Grote
Houston United Lacrosse Club - HULC Houston, TX South Central Julie Bickham  
Indy Lacrosse Club Indianapolis, IN Central MaggieWinslowJulie Jerrell  
KC Select Kansas City, KS Central Jessie  
Kelowna Lacrosse Okanagan Valley, 
BC, Canada
Northwest Jenn Lacey  
Lady Yotes Lax Caldwell/Boise, ID Northwest Molly Kukachka  
Lakeshore Lacrosse Chicago, IL Great Lakes Mary Clark  
Re-Laxers Westchester, NY New York Valerie Firestein  
Long Island Stars Long Island, NY New York Katherine Hock View
Louisville Louisville, KY Great Lakes Meghan O'Connor McDonogh  
Lady Bohlc Baltimore, MD Middle Atlantic Rachel Jones, Tory Field View
Michigan Club Lacrosse Detroit, MI Great Lakes Deanna Radcliffe  
Northstars Twin Cities, MN North Central Janet Holdsworth,Kathryn Knippenberg  
NoVa Lacrosse Fairfax/Arlington, VA Middle Atlantic Vickie Cieplak View
NYAC New York City, NY New York Dean Willis  
Oklahoma Lacrosse Oklahoma City, OK South Central Lauren Arnold  
Olympic Club San Francisco, Calif. Pacific Arielia Harris  
Philadelphia Premier Philadelphia, PA Upper Atlantic Deanna Radcliffe  
Philly Women's Lacrosse Philadelphia, PA Upper Atlantic Julie Shaner  
Piv's Pub Lacrosse Baltimore, MD Middle Atlantic Lisa Lebeau  
Portland Winded Portland, OR Northwest Meghan Mix  View
Portland Women's Lacrosse Portland, OR Northwest Geri Matiyko  
Raleigh Lacrosse Club NC-Triangle, NC Lower Atlantic Marianna Pappas  
Rocky Mountain Cats Lacrosse Denver, CO Mountain Megan Molina  
Ryleigh's Lacrosse Baltimore, MD Middle Atlantic Joanna Kotula View
San Diego Lacrosse Club San Diego, CA Pacific Ginny Chacos  
Seattle Women's Lacrosse Seattle, WA Northwest Kim Martini Meg Elston View
Sota Skeeters Minneapolis, MN North Central Kirsten Miller Mo Gaitan  
SoulLax Baltimore, MD Middle Atlantic Artie Spruill, Jessy Morgan  
Steel City Lax Pittsburgh, PA Upper Atlantic Becky Chambers  
St. Louis Women's Lacrosse League St. Louis, MO Central Steph DiCamillo
T3 Lacrosse (formerly Central NJ) Central, NJ Upper Atlantic Jess Wilkerson,Kat Holley  
Tampa Club Tampa, FL Southeast Ellen Matheson  
Team Heineken Baltimore, MD Middle Atlantic Mary Beth Ardolino View
Team Lacrosse Unlimited Long Island, NY New York Morgan Futch,
Maureen Cacioppo
Team Toyota Baltimore, MD Middle Atlantic Suzy Waire  
Top of the Bay Women's Lacrosse Bel Air, MD Middle Atlantic Krystin Porcella View
Top Shelf Lacrosse Washington, DC Middle Atlantic Lisa Pagano, Jessica Welch View
Triad Women's Lacrosse Club Peidmont, NC Lower Atlantic Alison Butler  
Tribal West Salt Lake City, UT Mountain Lisa Peck  
Tricheck Los Angeles, CA Pacific Jessica Bromall View
Tulsa Tornado Tulsa, OK South Central Jessica Bird  
ULAX Baltimore, MD Middle Atlantic Jess Wilson  
Victoria Women's Field Lacrosse Victoria, BC, Canada Northwest Linda Jenner  
Wahine Lacrosse Hawaii Pacific Stephanie Jones  
Washington Lacrosse Club Washington, DC Middle Atlantic Alissa Gordon 
Lauren Mincher
Westchester Club CT - NY Lower New England Megan Murphy
Kristen Woods
Western Mass CT - MA Lower New England Jenny Miriam  
West Michigan Michigan Great Lakes Mia Jafari  
Wilmington Wildcats Wilmington, DE Middle Atlantic Genevieve Grossmann