One of the greatest needs in lacrosse nationally is more umpires. As the sport grows, a lack of umpires to accommodate all the new teams and players is limiting the sport, including the WCLA level.

Become an Umpire

So what's the solution? Become an umpire yourself, or find a friend who would like to. Maybe there are intramural refs at your school who'd love to be certified in a "new sport." Maybe there's a grad student who previously played lacrosse, or someone on your club looking for a part-time job. Perhaps a local physical education teacher would love some extra income. Previous experience with women's lacrosse isn't necessary; a willingness to learn is the primary requirement. The money is good, generally for high school and college club games, umpires will get over $50 for a couple of hours of work. And you get to tell them when you're available, around your own classes, games, etc.

Need an Umpire

So you're looking for umpires for your home games? The best option is to hire an assignor. With an assignor, you can give them your home game schedule, and for a nominal fee, they will make sure you have good umpires to work those games. The lack of stress (you don't have to find umpires yourself) and quality/professionalism of US Lacrosse certified umpires they assign is well worth the fee you'll pay. This will also plug you into the US Lacrosse umpire system for feedback to umpires - if there are complaints (umpire arriving late for a game), comments, praise (you really want someone again, they called a great game), you can send that along and that info will be acknowledged about that umpire. For information about assignors in your area, send an e-mail to [email protected], and tell them you're a college club team, tell them where you're located, and that you looking for an assignor for your games.

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