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New Start Program

US Lacrosse New Start ProgramIt is the US Lacrosse mission, with the aid of local US Lacrosse chapters, to help you add this exciting sport to your community. Sustaining a lacrosse program will prove to be important and valuable; however, we realize it requires a great deal of your commitment and resources. The US Lacrosse New Start Program offers guidance and resources to help new teams get off to the right start. Over 4,500 new teams have received start-up assistance through this program since 2004.

Request Access

Request access above to receive immediate access to:

  • The US Lacrosse New Start Manual
  • Sample bylaws
  • 501 C3 (non profit) provisions
  • US Lacrosse Risk Management Manual
  • The Preventing Physical and Sexual Abuse Guide
  • First Aid Kit contents
  • Recruiting and Retaining Officials information
  • Equipment assistance contacts
  • Copies of the USL Participation Survey
  • A school presentation powerpoint

The New Start Program is a free resource for both members and non-members of US Lacrosse.

US Lacrosse highly recommends clicking on the links below to learn how you can effectively and responsibly cultivate the sport in your area:


Please contact Kyle Carnaggio, Programs Coordinator, at 410-235-6882 x150 or by e-mail at