Where are the Officials Going?

Oct 12, 2018

We need to fix this undesirable phenomenon and the first thing we all need to ask ourselves is, "More than 1,000 officials stopped officiating lacrosse last year. Am I the reason we lost one of those?"

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Six Tips to Building a Successful Junior Officiating Program

Mar 22, 2018

One of the biggest challenges that many youth lacrosse organizations have is finding enough officials for its games. Youth programs can help address that problem by developing a junior officiating program. Here are six tips to build a successful junior officiating program.

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Five Tips for Advancing as a Lacrosse Official

Mar 21, 2017

Honesty and seeking feedback important to officials seeking to move up

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2015 US Lacrosse Officials Certification Exams Now Available

Dec 02, 2014

Boys and girls high school and youth annual rules exams for officials' certification now available through the US Lacrosse CentralHub, powered by Arbiter Sports.

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Lead with E’s: Lacrosse Officials are Stewards of the Game

Sep 12, 2014

Officials often do not look at themselves as leaders. But when you think of the different roles we adopt over the course of a season or career, you realize we are constantly providing leadership. Whether it be as a head official, local association president, trainer, assigner, volunteer or any other number of positions that an official may fall into, everyone at some point or another will be asked to lead.

A veteran NBA official once told me that there are three E’s to leadership: excellence, empowerment and enthusiasm.


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How to Retain Officiating Talent

Aug 15, 2014

This is the time of year when officials associations, boards and groups around the country start planning for next season, when we come to the table with big ideas about training, educating, assigning and recruiting lacrosse officials.

The biggest topic no one likes to discuss is retention.

Who is coming back and who hung up their whistles? Why? Why did we lose four first-year officials with potential? Why did we lose three of our veteran officials?

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9 Inside Tips for Officiating Faceoffs

Nov 21, 2013

Many of you will recognize the photo of former Delaware All-American Alex Smith grabbing the ball on a faceoff as the picture that stoked the proverbial fire when it comes to cheating during faceoffs. In reality, this debate has been going on for decades.

Faceoffs are one of the most critical—and at times, hotly-contested—aspects of today’s game. It seems like every rules cycle, a proposal surfaces to outright remove faceoffs from the game and multiple proposals are brought forth on how to prevent players from gaining an advantage.

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They Write ‘Em, We Enforce ‘Em

Dec 01, 2012

New rules proposed by the NCAA men’s lacrosse committee in August

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Multi-Sport Stripes Stay Sharpest

Dec 01, 2011

If you find yourself at a lacrosse game this spring, chances are that the officials working the game also put the stripes on for other sports. Many of them officiate football, basketball, soccer and field hockey to stay sharp during our offseason – and because they love their trade.

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