Something Losers Say

Jun 08, 2017

There’s a recipe for successful culture and programs, and like baking, a missing ingredient can turn something sweet into something bitter and hard to swallow. We can’t pick and chose our philosophy based on the situation, our mood, our record or our amounts of pressure. We need them all.

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Strengthen Your Weak Leg and Start with Culture

Apr 28, 2017

I used to teach defense, then offense, then transition. This was actually quite effective in certain aspects of building a team. It brought wins early on and created very solid regular season records. The problem I was running into is that I couldn’t maintain that growth curve.

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Breaking Kids with Our Sideline Jeering

Mar 27, 2017

Coaches and fans need to understand that kids are kids and what you are — and aren't — saying from the sidelines can make an impact you don't even realize.

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Are You Trying to "Sell" Culture

Feb 07, 2017

Are you trying to sell your team on culture? Have you become more of a salesman desperate for that buy-in then a coach or a leader? This is a trap that rarely ends well.

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The Whys of Multisport Participation

Jul 27, 2016

You’re hearing it. The message is getting through to parents – Multi-sport athletes get recruited more than specialized athletes. Multi-sport athletes get injured less. Multi-sport is the way to go. Ooh, that athlete we love was also was a multi-sport athlete!

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10 Reasons Coaching Will Improve Your Life

May 05, 2016

Have you been hesitant to coach? Don't be. At the end of the season – you’ll never be the same. You will be a better, more enlightened and more passionate human being.

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Why Great Lacrosse Attackers Play Like Zombies

Nov 03, 2015

Want to become a more complete lacrosse attacker? Embrace your inner zombie and learn how to support your teammates on the re-defend.

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10 Easy Ways to Embrace Player Development in Youth Lacrosse

Apr 14, 2015

The temptation to script everything and focus only on winning is a struggle for every coach. Use these 10 methods to emphasize long-term athlete development.

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The Window Isn’t Closed: Finding a Home in College Lacrosse

Apr 06, 2015

There is a team out there for anyone who wants to continue to play, regardless of age, skill level or athleticism. If you want to play, you can play.

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Put Me in, Coach! 10 Ways to Earn More Playing Time

Mar 25, 2015

While you can’t directly control how your coaches allocate playing time, there are many things you can control. Here are 10 ways to get yourself into the game.

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