Simple Games to Develop Fundamental Motor Skills

Aug 23, 2017

Ultimate Frisbee? Freeze tag? Sharks and minnows? Dodge ball? Relays? What do these games have to do with the game of lacrosse? For young athletes, simple games can be very useful in the development of both athleticism and physical literacy. Lacrosse is a sport with which there are numerous technical and tactical situations where athletes have to read and react, anticipate, chase, evade, dodge, accelerate and decelerate.

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Using a Dynamic Warm-Up for Youth Lacrosse

Feb 16, 2017

A dynamic warm-up is a key to keeping your athletes healthy while helping them improve their overall performance levels.

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Building Fundamental Motor Skills for Lacrosse Athletes

Dec 08, 2016

“Before you run, you have to walk, and before you walk you have to crawl”. “Before you build a house, you must first lay the foundation”. “Movements first, muscles second”. Youth lacrosse coaches must consider both the specific skills needed for the sport (i.e., cradle, pass, shoot, catch, etc.), and the bio-motor abilities (i.e., balance, speed, agility, flexibility, etc.) that help the young lacrosse athlete physically perform the specific sport skills effectively.

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Developing Athleticism for Lacrosse: Where to Begin?

Nov 16, 2016

Developing physical literacy is a core value of the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model. Tony Moreno writes that flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, and quickness are the most important bio-motor abilities for younger athletes.

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