US Lacrosse has published a new resource for coaches, “60 Ways to Play” that provides the tools and understanding behind the principles of physical literacy to help children discover how their body works and how to move on their own without constant inference or “over-coaching.”

Physical literacy is one of six core values of the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model, and a key building block to developing a well-rounded athlete.

The book, available as a free PDF download or for purchase via Mimeo, features 60 fun, unique and highly-effective play-based warm-up and exercise circuit activities utilizing simple movements with both guided and creative discovery.

All of the activities can be done with no equipment, and there are indoor and outdoor circuits and circuits designed for individuals partners or groups.

The activities in this book are ideal for the beginning of an exercise session, within an exercise session or as a shore movement break during activities such as school.

“60 Ways to Play" is your simple guide to help children develop the body awareness, movement confidence, and other essential skills they need for a lifetime of fun and fitness with physical activity.


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