There’s no debating that the widespread cancellation of games, seasons, and championships due to coronavirus precautions has impacted lacrosse players, coaches, and families. The deep disappointment is being profoundly felt by participants at all levels of play.

Our friends at the Positive Coaching Alliance suggest that the lessons we have all learned from athletic participation can now be leveraged to help guide us through the crisis and disappointment. PCA notes that coaches, athletes, and parents are all uniquely equipped to cope with the current situation.

As coaches and parents, one of the things we can do is to encourage athletes to acknowledge their disappointment. Saying to them “It’s not fair to have your season postponed or canceled, and it’s understandable that you feel that way” is completely appropriate.

For athletes, a helpful tactic in dealing with disappointment is to reshape personal focus by controlling what can be controlled. Continuing to practice game skills in the backyard, taking good care of our bodies with proper nutrition, exercise and sleep, and safely communicating with teammates are all examples of taking control.

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Sports teaches us that we can overcome whatever is thrown at us, and how we respond to adversity reveals the strength of our character. This is the time to apply the lessons of youth sports participation -- resilience, grit, determination, and selflessness, to name a few -- to the current challenge we are all facing.