You’ve got questions. Alaxa has your answers. Welcome to the first edition of #AskAlaxa, where she’ll address your questions about rules, player segmentation, safety — anything related to lacrosse.

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From Will (@XGNphreak) on Twitter: In high school boys’ lacrosse, what is the in-home for?

The in-home player in boys’ or men’s lacrosse is the pre-designated player responsible for serving the penalty time when the goalie gets a penalty or a delay of game.

In running-time JV and freshman games, the officials may choose to allow the in-home to serve a penalty if there is no backup goalie, but only if the opposing coach agrees. It should be made clear to everyone that an exception is being made due to the running clock.

At the varsity level, a penalized goalie must serve even if there is no backup. Since a legally-equipped goalie is mandatory, if there is no backup, the goalie must transfer his chest protector, throat protector, and other gear to another player.

The officials should be reasonably lenient in allowing time for this transfer. If the offending team wants to get their starting goalie back in the game after the penalty, it must call a timeout or wait until the end of the period to switch the gear back.

From Michael P. on Facebook: How can someone try out for the U.S. National Teams that compete at events like the World Cup?

US Lacrosse accepts applications from players wishing to try out for the U.S. Men’s National Team, U.S. Women’s National Team, U.S. Men’s National Indoor Team, U.S. Under-19 Men’s National Team, and the U.S. Under-19 Women’s National Team.

Interested candidates can apply for consideration to be invited to try out and will be evaluated by a selection committee including the current U.S. national team coaching staff. US Lacrosse will invite those whose applications have been accepted to tryouts held at the new national team training center at the US Lacrosse headquarters in Sparks, Md. Candidates must be 18 years of age or older and a U.S. citizen. Candidates must also be current members of US Lacrosse through the end of tryouts.

Through Our Customer Support Center: What is the cost of a US Lacrosse membership?

For kids under 15, a youth membership is $30. For those between 15-19, a high school membership is $35. An adult membership is $55.

As a member of US Lacrosse, you are provided insurance coverage, a subscription to US Lacrosse Magazine, and how-to videos, articles, clinics and more for players, coaches and officials. Members are also allowed access to first-class playing opportunities, special member pricing for our annual convention, discounts on tickets to college and pro games, and eligibility for grants and free resources to help you grow the game locally. Members-only emails with special offers on gear, apparel and more are also included in every membership.