For the first time this spring, Christine Daniel’s son, Noah, age 10, is playing lacrosse. He joined the Rockingham Lacrosse Club in central Virginia, and is part of a youth team full of first-time players. As a former high school and collegiate player, Christine stepped forward to volunteer as a coach for Noah’s team.

As part of her US Lacrosse coach membership, Christine received an email stating that a mandatory background check was required to complete her membership. While surprised with this requirement, she gladly complied.

“It was easy to do, and as a parent, I appreciate that it is part of the membership for coaches,” Daniel said. “It just makes sense.”

Last October, US Lacrosse added mandatory background checks to its membership requirement for adult coaches. The intent was to create a safer sport by taking a proactive approach to keep inappropriate behavior out of lacrosse. Six months later, US Lacrosse is excited to celebrate a significant milestone.

Since the requirement was launched last October, over 15,000 coaches have submitted their background screening. Approximately 54-percent of USL member coaches have completed the screening.

“I do think about the safety of our children. As adults, it’s something we have to do,” Daniel said. “We all know there are some people who aren’t suitable to be around kids.”

The background screening only takes a few minutes to complete online and carries no additional cost to coaches.

“US Lacrosse has taken a leadership role in making sure that all kids are safe on the lacrosse field and this is another step towards reaching that goal. The background check is included for our coach members at no additional charge as a sign of our commitment to creating the best possible lacrosse experience for all participants,” said Dr. Bruce Griffin, director for the Center for Sport Science at US Lacrosse.

NCSI (National Center for Safety Initiatives), an industry leader, is the exclusive provider of background screening services for US Lacrosse, and works with more than 50 national governing bodies in providing background screenings. 

“NCSI has a unique understanding of the role that national governing bodies have in ensuring those in leadership and positions of authority within a sport are committed to athlete safety,” said Kate Stacy Bernal, strategic partnerships director at US Lacrosse. “Expanding our long term relationship with NCSI was an obvious step toward the goal of an active background screening for every US Lacrosse coach. Their collaboration and support have been invaluable.”

National Background Screening

US Lacrosse requires the highest standard of integrity for its members to ensure that abuse and misconduct do not occur at any level.

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