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Since its inception in 1998, US Lacrosse has fueled the growth of the game, but the organization is about much more than just seeing more people playing. Core to the mission is providing programs and services to make the sport a better experience for all involved.

That’s not an easy task with areas around the country — some more developed than others — each having different needs.

Here are some of the ways US Lacrosse is improving the sport.


Near the end of 2014, Ryan Larkum was hired as the New England regional manager for US Lacrosse. He became the organization’s first truly remote employee and was brought on to service one of the largest US Lacrosse regions in the country.

Fast-forward to today and US Lacrosse now has 10 regional managers and a support team at US Lacrosse headquarters to assist their efforts to serve our members and provide support to the leagues and programs where members play, coach and officiate.

“Their impact is almost immeasurable,” said Steve Kirr, director of membership and regional development . “They’re there to understand the needs of our members who are not only players, but also volunteer program leaders, coaches and administrators. Our staff can direct the right tools and resources to the organizations so they grow and flourish and our members have the best possible lacrosse experiences.”


Each January, US Lacrosse hosts a national convention that brings together thousands of coaches, officials, administrators and players to learn more about the sport. That’s just the beginning of our efforts.

Last season, US Lacrosse held more than 170 instructional clinics through the Coach Development Program and saw coaches complete more than 11,000 courses through a member-only online portal. More than 900 certified trainers help existing lacrosse officials improve their ability, and recruitment efforts on a national level helped identify more than 1,000 new officials last year.. Ensuring that lacrosse coaches and officials at every level of the game have access to the best resources is critical to providing the safe, high-quality experiences for our members.


The recent attention focused on racial injustice in our country was long overdue. US Lacrosse has been focused on this issue for a number of years.

Over the last six years, members have allowed US Lacrosse to invest more than $1.5 million in diversity initiatives for the sport.

These programs provide opportunities and grow lacrosse in underrepresented communities through equipment and financial support of the Urban Lacrosse Alliance, sponsorship of the Sankofa Clinic Series, hundreds of scholarships specifically for minority coaches to access US Lacrosse Coach Development Program education and training programs and the development of an online cultural competency course that has been embraced by countless leagues from the youth level to the professional ranks.

We know there is much more to do, and we are determined to do so.


No other entity in the sport is positioned to provide a holistic approach to keeping participants safe. US Lacrosse takes that responsibility seriously.

From supporting sport-specific injury research, regularly monitoring and updating rules, exploring new safety equipment, requiring mandatory background checks for coaches (free of charge for members) and providing access to SafeSport training, US Lacrosse is fulfilling this need for the sport.

These are just a small sample of the programs and services US Lacrosse provides to make a better experience for US Lacrosse members and everyone participating in our sport. We are deeply grateful for the support of our members and donors that make all of this possible. It simply doesn’t happen without your investment.

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