The Cross-Crease Finishing Drill teaches your players how to catch the ball in the midfield area and shoot on the run. It is a rapid-fire, high-repetition drill that has each player passing to someone, getting a feed and finishing.

Skill Level: Basic

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Theme: Shooting

For the men’s game, two lines of players are stationed about 6-8 yards above the goal line, facing each other. For the women’s game, move the players closer to the crease.

All players have a ball except the player that starts the shooting. The first player in the opposite line feeds a pass for a catch and shot. The player in the line who just fed the ball,cuts in and pops for a pass from the next player in the opposite line. This goes on in a rapid-fire motion, getting all your players multiples reps and chances to finish on cage.






Vary the locations of shot placement. Have your players shoot all high, all low, or all five-hole. You may also use ground balls to force your players to scoop and finish, or maybe work some behind-the-back shots.

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