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The fourth annual US Lacrosse Diversity & Inclusion Essay Contest is underway. Hosted each year in conjunction with Black History Month and viewed as an opportunity to celebrate the growing diversity in the sport of lacrosse, we invite your submissions.

This year, the question we are posing is quite simple:

How does the diversity of your team and inclusion of all players make your lacrosse experience better?

Tell us your success stories, in as little as 150 words and no more than 500 words. All submitted essays will be judged and reviewed based on the following criteria:

• Quality of writing
• Relevance of topic
• Creativity and uniqueness
• Adherence to guidelines

The contest is open to all US Lacrosse member players and coaches, with submissions accepted by email only through February 28. US Lacrosse will select two winning entries, with the winners to receive exclusively designed Encore Brand team shooting shirts (up to 25 shirts for your whole team).

There are a couple more rules, so we ask that you click here to get all the information.

And remember, diversity is a broad topic. It’s not limited simply to differences in race. You can also write about diversity as it relates to ethnicity, gender, socio-economic issues and a lot more. Give it some thought, and help us celebrate your positive lacrosse experience that resulted from making our game inclusive to all.

Essay Contest

US Lacrosse seeks to foster a national lacrosse community that encourages understanding, appreciation and acceptance of all within its membership, volunteer base, and staff.

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