They represent perhaps the most recognizable family name in the game today, and their appearance at the "Fan Fest" portion of LaxCon in January capped off a record-setting day at the US Lacrosse Convention.

Lyle, Miles and Hiana Thompson of Thompson Brothers Lacrosse spoke passionately about what the Creator's Game means to them during their LaxCon demonstration, which concluded Saturday's lineup of the event that drew 2,810 fans -- a record for Fan Fest. The popular family, which recently celebrated a National Lacrosse League championship won by Lyle and Miles as part of the Georgia Swarm, demonstrated the importance of a seemingly basic pick-and-roll play.

Keeping your hands free while emerging from the pick will give both teammates options, Miles Thompson said.


Earlier, Lyle Thompson about the value of learning respect for one's self and other living things by playing the original Creator's Game.

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