The statistics are sobering and hard to digest.

One in eight athletes will be sexually abused within their sport.

One in 10 children are sexually abused before age 18.

In 60% of cases, the sexual abuse of a child occurs by someone that the family trusts.

These are all among the reasons that earlier this year, Congress passed the SafeSport Authorization Act, which mandates, among other things, that suspected cases of youth abuse be reported within 24 hours, and that youth sports organizations provide abuse awareness and prevention training for its adult members.

As a supplement to its recent public service video, US Lacrosse has also produced a new infographic to help educate the lacrosse community about the realities of abuse in sports and to promote the core pillars of the organization’s SafeSport program.

Download the Infographic Here

Please join US Lacrosse in sharing this important information as we seek to bring greater awareness to this cause. US Lacrosse supports a zero tolerance policy for sexual misconduct and abuse.

There’s no room for predators in the sport of lacrosse.

SafeSport Program

The SafeSport Program seeks to clearly demonstrate US Lacrosse's commitment to the safety and well-being of lacrosse athletes.

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