Earlier today, the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA) announced its endorsement of Official Rules for Girls’ Youth Lacrosse published by US Lacrosse and, in particular, those rules focused on increasing player safety.

“We’re really excited to have the support from the IWLCA,” said Caitlin Kelley, senior manager of women’s game administration for US Lacrosse. “Having our institutions work collaboratively to help grow the game and promote the safety of the players is essential to the healthy development of the sport.”

US Lacrosse youth rules apply to competition from levels 6U through 14U (below high school) and are based on the progressive introduction of skills commensurate with a young player’s physical, cognitive and emotional development stages.

“The IWLCA is aligned with US Lacrosse on the importance of player safety and the introduction of advanced skills such as stick checking only when players are physically capable of executing them safely and consistently,” said IWLCA President Kathy Taylor, who is also the head coach at Le Moyne College. “US Lacrosse has received significant counsel from its Sports Science & Safety Committee in the development of these youth rules, and the IWLCA strongly encourages youth programs and tournament owner/operators to adhere to them in the best interests of the players and families they serve.”

US Lacrosse Youth Rules can be accessed via the US Lacrosse web site at  www.uslacrosse.org/rules/girls-rules. Rule questions can be directed to Kelley at [email protected].