Three-time NCAA champion Duke men’s lacrosse coach John Danowski presented on “Lacrosse Coaching and Character” at the 2015 US Lacrosse Convention in Baltimore. Watch the full 10-video playlist below, or visit A edited transcription of the video follows below.


Here's an example. I’ll put this [chart] up on the board, and I’ll say to the guys, “Give me the elements of a really good offensive team.” And the guys will say, “We need a shooter. We need a dodger. We need a feeder. We need a ground ball guy. We need a quarterback.”

They come up with all these different things in their mind, the things that you’ve been teaching them—the elements of a good offense.

Next, I’ll say, “Who are those guys on our team? Who are those guys that fit those categories.”

Then the guys say, “hey Tommy, hey Jimmy,” and I’ll write their initials in those columns.

All of a sudden, there might be that kid who sees himself as a dodger, but none of his teammates see him as a dodger. So it can work like a little bit of humility where they learn that “my teammates don’t really see what I see.”

Or, it could work the other way. “We only have two ground balls guys.” You can get your name up there and you become that ground ball guy. It becomes a motivator. We do that for defense as well.

So, this is one example of a team-building exercise that we would use. We’ve got a ton of those.

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