Each month, Lacrosse Magazine's "Your Edge" brings you tips from the best players in the game. This month, John's Hopkins All-American attackman Ryan Brown, who according to ESPN's Paul Carcaterra, has "the best shooting stroke in America," gives you his tips for overhand shooting. A transcription of Brown's advice from the video follows below.


I’m Ryan Brown, I’m a junior attackman at Johns Hopkins, and today I’m going to go over shooting from time and room.

When we’re shooting with time and room, we want to focus on our stick path. If I picture my body as a clock with my head as 12 and my feet as six, I want to get my hands up when I’m shooting right-handed to 11. When I finish, I want to follow through down to five. If I’m going left-handed, I want to do the same thing, except my hands will be at one and follow down to seven.

Shooting the ball overhand has allowed me to be very consistent compared to shooting the ball side-armed. When shooting the ball overhand, you have a greater margin of error. If I hold onto the ball too much when I’m shooting side-armed, I’m going to miss wide. If I let go of the ball too early, I’m going to end up in the middle of the net. Whereas, if I’m shooting the ball overhand and I hold onto it too long, I’m just going to hit the lower part of the pipe. If I let go a little early, it’s just going to hit top corner or a little higher up on the pipe.

When we’re shooting the ball overhand, we want to get our hands behind our face. I shouldn’t see my hands in front of my face, because that means I’m pushing the ball and I’m not going to get that much power. So when I get my hands back, I should really feel a tension and drive off my back foot. That’s where I’m going to get all my power.

After I release the ball (I’ve got my hands back and I follow through), my next step should be going toward the goal. I shouldn’t be falling off to the right, falling off to the left, or shooting and falling backward.

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