The “US Lacrosse Athlete Mindset Series,” an eight-week webinar series geared towards giving lacrosse players and coaches tools to improve, continues this week with a session on the current state of race relations in the United States and what the led lacrosse community can do now to help combat racism.

Leading the discussions is Arman Taghizadeh, M.D., (Dr. T), founder of the Mindset Training Institute, a Maryland-based organization that focuses on building confidence, promoting resilience, addressing mental health issues and maximizing performance.

This week’s guest is Jovan Miller, a former Syracuse and professional lacrosse star who is the creator of Laxtivism 101. Dr. T and Miller will hold their free webinar “Racism and Mindset” on Thursday, Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. (Eastern). Registration for the individual sessions is free of charge. Sign up at

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