Chloe Jones is a high school junior at Ursuline Academy in Delaware who has committed to play at Syracuse University. The midfielder also shares her passion for the game by serving as a lacrosse clinician for younger players.

Tell us about your background?
I am originally from Baltimore and moved to Delaware when I was in the 4th grade. I am one of seven kids and the oldest girl.

How did you get started in lacrosse?
Watching my oldest brother be great at lacrosse got me interested in the sport. Eventually my dad put me in clinics, where I met my very first lacrosse coach, Michelle. She taught me the basics of lacrosse.

How has lacrosse impacted your life thus far?
I think lacrosse has given me a sense of peace and joy. It has opened up so many doors. Lacrosse has allowed me to meet so many awesome people. It also has allowed me to meet some very wise people, such as (Hall of Famer) Feffie Barnhill.

Tell us about how you honor the game by giving back to your community.
I run a free clinic every Tuesday for young girls in my area through the Green Beret Project. The majority of the girls live in the inner city. They are supplied with masks, sticks, and balls. I teach them the basics of lacrosse. The goal is to increase the participation of minority girls in this great sport.

You have a prominent social media presence on Twitter. What makes you want to post your workouts and other things you’re involved in?
In the beginning it was just to get myself out there. But what I didn’t envision is that my videos would inspire others. One that stands out is young lady name Julia. She has become my little sister. I love watching her workouts just as much as she enjoys mine.

How did the cancellation of sports affect you last spring?
The cancellation of sports allowed me to work on myself of as an individual athlete. I worked out 4-5 times per week and also went to training to prepare for when we did play again.

What are your plans after graduating high school?
I recently committed to Syracuse University, where I hope to take my game to the next level.

What goals do you have while playing in college? 
I want to continue to develop and get better as a player. I also hope to elevate the program even more by being a big asset to the team.

What advice would you give to other young women of color looking to get involved in lacrosse?
I would say BE THE CHANGE. We don’t see a great representation of us in lacrosse, so my advice for young girls like me is to pick up the stick up early and play. During uncomfortable times when you feel or are the only one, use those to your advantage to be great.

What does it mean to you for the sport of lacrosse to become more diversified?
It would mean the world. When I travel to tournaments, I see very few, and sometimes none, girls who look like me. I was blessed to play for a lacrosse club that really wanted to improve that. My best friend Superia Clark joined me on my club team. We are usually the only two black girls at tournaments, so I know that feeling and sometimes that feeling can be hard to play through. It would be great to add diversity to the lacrosse community and take away the uncomfortable feeling that could hold back girls who look like me.

What is a favorite activity to do outside of sports?
When I’m not playing or training I enjoy just relaxing or hanging out with my friends. I also like to spend time with my family. They have given me so much. I have learned so much from them; from my littlest sisters teaching me patience, to my mom teaching me how to be a strong, young women. So anytime I can, I like to spend time with them. 

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