Molly Hendrick, a former North Carolina attacker and current member of the U.S. national team, is lethal from the 8-meter arc. When she sets up for a sidearm rip, goalkeepers usually aren’t ready for what’s coming. Here’s how she does it.

Photos by Sam Brettschneider

1. Set Up On The Hash

Whatever hand you use, stand on the hash facing that direction, with your body perpendicular to the goal. Hendrick prefers this position rather than facing the goal.

2. Get Momentum

“I like to take a little hop or jump step to give myself some momentum forward,” Hendrick said. “Or you can just rip from the 8-meter.”

3. Locate Your Shot

“Look at the goalie’s hands and see if she’s a righty or lefty,” Hendrick said. “Low shots are always great because it takes the goalie’s stick so long to get down there.”

4. Disguise Your Release

Hendrick gets her arms and stick back, but only to the extent where her body serves as a screen. “I like to hide my stick,” she said. “The goalie can’t really see where it’s released from.”

5. Generate Power

“Turn that core,” Hendrick said. “The hips and the core are where most of the power comes from, when you’re shifting your weight from your back leg.”

6. Follow Through

Snap your wrist over the top of your release. “That’s where you’re getting a lot of that accuracy,” Hendrick said.

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