The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) has issued a new warning to lacrosse consumers regarding the purchase and use of “KSONE” brand lacrosse balls.

NOCSAE announced Thursday that none of the KSONE branded lacrosse balls are certified to NOCSAE standards. NOCSAE’s statement notes that these balls feature falsified markings that imply NOCSAE certification.

NOCSAE encourages consumers that have purchased these KSONE products to contact the company, store or website that sold the balls.

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Consumers should not rely solely on the presence of on-ball marking to assess whether lacrosse balls meet the NOCSAE standard. To ensure these products have been certified to the NOCSAE standard, NOCSAE recommends checking the name of the manufacturer and the ball model against the certified product list available on the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) website. (Product: NOCSAE Lacrosse Balls)

US Lacrosse, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) require that all balls used in lacrosse games meet the NOCSAE standard to help protect players from potential safety risks. Additionally, all three governing bodies strongly encourage the use of balls that meet the NOCSAE standard for all practices.

“The complete listing of balls that are legal for play in USL, NFHS and NCAA rules in both games can be found on the SEI website. Any ball that is sold or used and is not on this site is not considered legal for play,” said Ann Kitt Carpenetti, vice president of lacrosse operations at US Lacrosse.

The NOCSAE standard for newly manufactured lacrosse balls (ND049) includes specifications and performance requirements related to weight, density, size and other quality controls.