The officials’ curriculum at the 2021 US Lacrosse Convention is geared to assist local lacrosse organizations train their officials for the upcoming season. The virtual sessions can be used to supplement local training efforts and replace in-person sessions that aren’t able to be held due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The US Lacrosse Convention is all-virtual this year, running from Jan. 15-16. US Lacrosse members can register by Jan. 3 to secure the best price.

"We are really excited to offer an opportunity to experienced officials and those interested in learning about what it takes to be an official with our sessions," said Charlie Obermayer, senior manager of officials development for US Lacrosse. "This is the first time we have done specific tracks for new and experienced officials. We hope, this will also provide local organizations with alternative options to their traditional local training that may be impacted by the ongoing pandemic."

There are separate tracks for new officials and experienced officials in both the men’s and women’s games in addition to breakout sessions for veteran officials to go over off-the-field programs such as mentoring.

The curriculum features a mix of recorded and real-time sessions with live Q&A sessions at the end of each day.

Also featured will be rules interpretation sessions for youth and high school rules for both boys’ and girls’ lacrosse.

In addition to the traditional men’s and women’s officiating tracks, there is a three-session track for box lacrosse featuring the basics of box officiating, mechanics and a rules interpretation session.