The US Lacrosse Coach Development Program has recently launched a new online course aimed at women’s games coaches to help them properly coach defense safely. 

The “Safe and Legal Defense” online course launched on Feb. 1 and will help coaches confidently teach proper, legal checking and body contact. The course is also aimed on helping coaches recognize and positively correct illegal checks and body contact and safely arrange practice situations to help players learn and develop proper checking skills. 

"US Lacrosse believes that safety in the women’s game comes from understanding and teaching the proper fundamentals on defense; and this course is meant to provide the basis for coaches to understand how easy it can be to ensure their players are developing great habits," said Kevin Greene, director of coach and athlete deveopment for US Lacrosse. "As a dad of a daughter playing high school lacrosse, I clearly recognize the difference between those girls who’ve been taught proper defensive techniques, and those who have not. I truly hope this course will make a significant difference in proving a safer and more enjoyable environment for our athletes."

The course provides examples of what types of contact and checking are allowed and not allowed at the various youth levels up through high school and answers to some frequently asked questions related to checking. 

The course also provides some simple games that coaches can incorporate into practices to help players learn the footwork and body positioning required for checking before they begin using a stick to check. 

The course is free to US Lacrosse members and $30 for non-members. The course can be accessed online at 

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