BALTIMORE — US Lacrosse today sanctioned the Southern Alliance Tournament, a girls’ lacrosse tournament owned and operated by MCC Sports, Inc., as part of the LaxLive Events series. The US Lacrosse tournament sanctioning program represents an initiative to raise the quality of the youth tournament experience and publicize events that meet operational criteria developed by US Lacrosse and industry experts.

The Southern Alliance Tournament hits Peachtree City, Ga., June 4-5, 2016, and it represents the fourth event owned by LLE to receive sanctioning by US Lacrosse. Others included the fall’s STX Southern Lacrosse Showcase in Charlotte, N.C., the Atlanta Tournament of Lacrosse in Atlanta, Ga., and the Wishbone Championships in Orlando, Fla.

Each has been reviewed by the sport’s national governing body and deemed to meet best-practice standards in five categories: venue, game format, risk management, tournament administration, and certified US Lacrosse officials.

“Our sanctioning program helps to raise the quality of the experience at participating events and to give parents, who foot the bill for their child’s participation, some peace of mind that a US Lacrosse Sanctioned Tournament meets certain standards for consistency and player safety,” said Kim Rogers, director of events at US Lacrosse. “LaxLife Events represents an industry leader in the youth lacrosse tournament marketplace.”

“At LaxLife Events, we’re committed to empowering the next generation of women’s athletes,” said Jess Vossler, director of marketing at LaxLife Events. “We focus on managing safe, competitive, organized tournaments in non-traditional lacrosse regions. The US Lacrosse sanctioning program has been a great way for us to continue to create safe events and fuel growth opportunities for the sport.”

Directory of Sanctioned Tournaments

Several youth lacrosse tournaments have been sanctioned by US Lacrosse as meeting standards for quality and player safety across five areas, providing parents some peace of mind about the events their child attends.

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