Coaches, let’s make this happen!

The start of Team Up Speak Up week in lacrosse has arrived, and we need your help.

Please take one minute to give your team the speech, reminding all of your players that good teammates look out for each other. Athletes of all ages have a responsibility to report to a coach or athletics trainer if they notice concussion signs in a teammate.

Concussions are usually not life-threatening, but the effects of a concussion can change a life and the injury should be treated seriously. It’s important that athletes suspected of having a concussion be removed from play immediately so that they can be evaluated by a trained professional. 

Your simple speech, as a coach, can help change the concussion culture by empowering your athletes to make the right decision in speaking up.

You can also share your speech on social media.  Using a cell phone, have a member of the team record the coach making his/her speech, then share on social media using #TeamUpSpeakUp. Remember to tag the Concussion Legacy Foundation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Giving the Speech

Coaches, learn a little bit more about talking to your team about concussions.

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