Olivia Ferrucci is one of the first Team USA players, man or women, to hail from Florida. A senior at Barron Collier in Naples, Fla., Ferrucci is bound for the University of North Carolina in the fall. This summer, she’ll suit up as one of 18 members of the U.S. women's under-19 team that will go for gold in Scotland at the FIL World Championship.

In this video, Ferrucci describes how lacrosse serves as a release, shares what she loves about the sport and offers advice for younger players with ambitions to play for Team USA. A full transcription follows below.


“In the spring season for lacrosse, whenever I get a bad test grade back or something happens at home, I know that I always have practice to go to. I’ll either stay after or go early and get extra shots. Ripping a ball at the cage helps relieve anything that is bad in my life at the time.

The speed of the game really hooked me. I loved being fast on the field, and I always felt fast running as a middie.

Do way more than your competition. Go out, do wall ball, run extra sprints, shoot more shots. If you get more reps, you’ll end up better than the competition.

Lacrosse is my life. I schedule everything around lacrosse, and I love it. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I’m Olivia Ferrucci, and I represent the United States of America.”

Olivia is one of the 25 U.S. Women’s National Under-19 Team players featured in our recent “Be You” video, where the girls talk about how playing lacrosse has helped them embrace their individuality and become strong, capable and confident young women. Check it out below.


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