A comprehensive online course for officials has been years in the making. The US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program launched its first online course in 2004. It has grown into a standardized three-level program with a multi-step certification process. It is the only program of its kind in the country. Now officials can enjoy the same standard of online education.

For the officials education courses found at uslacrossecourses.org, we knew video examples of fouls and legal play would be the central feature of the first generation – the video content used in our new online course took three years to compile and organize.

Training committees from both the men’s and women’s games, key volunteers and staff tried to imagine way back to the beginning of their officiating careers: What was it like sitting in that class? What is it like for a non-lacrosse person in that class? What concepts are most difficult to understand?

We wanted to provide an avenue for new officials to feel like they understand what fouls look like. But then we thought, what if all officials watched it? We could all be on the same page.

Even better, what if every coach watched it? Would we have more game harmony?

What if players watch it? Would we see fewer penalties and more game flow?

The online course is not even intended to take the place of classroom training. But it is a great tool to learn the rules as part of your training and work with in-person trainers on interactive lessons like stations, vinyl board lessons and on-field shadowing.

Here’s what some real USL trainers had to say about the online course:

“I love the video clips and the transcript at the bottom. The narrator does an awesome job. There are lots of resources, not just this online course, that it draws the user’s attention to.”
- Veronica Hewgley, Woodstock, GA.

“I love officials having to go through each rule and listen to the highlights. The game clips reinforce each rule.”
- Michael Cross, Charlottesville, VA.

“The best part is accessibility anytime and the consistency.”
- Michael Williamson, South Hamilton, Mass.

The online course is alive. It will live and breathe with the games and continue to be enhanced as the rules change and we hear more from trainers. It is a new requirement for officials’ certification and a great way to refresh your knowledge of the rules during the season.

Best of all: It is free for US Lacrosse members.