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For nearly two decades, thousands of coaches, officials and fans have traveled to Baltimore or Philadelphia to experience the US Lacrosse Convention, annually the sport’s biggest trade show and professional development opportunity.

Lacrosse enthusiasts from around the country — and the world — join in one of the largest celebrations our sport has to offer. For many, the US Lacrosse Convention serves as a launching pad for the lacrosse season.

Good news, lacrosse fans. In 2021, US Lacrosse is bringing LaxCon to you.

Register for the virtual LaxCon here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed plans for our annual convention, but it has opened the door for a more intimate, accessible and creative endeavor that we’ve been working on for months.

The US Lacrosse Convention will be an all-virtual event Jan. 15-16. US Lacrosse has converted the physical halls and walls of the convention center into an immersive digital platform for people from every corner of the lacrosse world.

“LaxCon has long been the official kickoff to the lacrosse season,” said Kim Rogers, director of special events at US Lacrosse. “We are working hard to ensure this virtual opportunity delivers the quality our members have come to expect from our flagship event.”

Attendees will have access to all that LaxCon 2021 has to offer at There you will be able to build your own agenda, connect with other attendees via message and interact with event partners/exhibitors. 

A virtual LaxCon 2021 will be unlike any convention the lacrosse community has seen, but it will retain the same elements lacrosse fans have always enjoyed. US Lacrosse was at the forefront of virtual instruction even prior to the pandemic, and this is just another example of how the organization is committed to delivering information and tips to lacrosse fans who are hungry for more.

Let’s check out what’s in store for this month’s US Lacrosse Convention.

Your love of lacrosse

Let’s turn the challenges of 2020 into opportunities — to examine how our sport can grow and evolve, to bolster a greater connection with your local program and to find that spark that lacrosse gave each of us when we first picked up a stick.

Live and On-Demand Content 

Attendees will have a chance to engage live with speakers and presenters, just like in past conventions. This year, you’ll also gain access to on-demand sessions for the entire year.

Virtual Trade Show 

Don’t worry lacrosse fans, Fan Fest and the Exhibitor Hall are back for LaxCon 2021. Just $10 gives you access to Fan Fest, which includes engagement with event sponsors and access to several U.S. national team player clinics. In the Virtual Exhibitor Hall, you can get first looks at the latest lacrosse equipment, tech and innovations.

Standing Room Only 

The lacrosse world was abuzz when news broke that the NCAA would disallow using a knee on faceoffs, in addition to banning the motorcycle grip. Faceoff men across the country have been adapting to a new, standing neutral grip for 2021.

Notable faceoff men shared their opinions on how these rules changes will affect college lacrosse. Chief among them was Greg Gurenlian, the former U.S. national team and pro lacrosse star.

Gurenlian will join the LaxCon 2021 lineup with special guest Jerry Ragonese to share tips for teaching the standing neutral grip.

Feel the Burn  

What has U.S. national team gold medalist Alex Aust been up to since winning it all in 2017? In addition to playing professional lacrosse, Aust has been busy building her brand as a fitness instructor — she recently was named the Best Fitness Instructor as part of the 2020 Best of Baltimore awards. 

Aust will host a workout class for all LaxCon 2021 attendees. Take a break from the learning and get active with Alex Aust.

World-Class Instruction  

The U.S. men’s and women’s national teams are comprised of the best players on the planet. This year, the US Lacrosse Convention is offering a chance to learn from the stars of the national team.

Players like Taylor Cummings, Liz Hogan, Dempsey Arsenault, Trevor Baptiste and Marcus Holman will host virtual clinics and film sessions with LaxCon attendees throughout the weekend.

Get Your Network On  

There will still be plenty of time to connect with fellow coaches, officials, program leaders and general lacrosse fans during LaxCon 2021. Attendees can network via chat, meetings, Q&A, polls, discussion boards and more. This feature will be accessible when you sign in on/around January 5.

LaxCon also offers the chance to chat one-on-one with attendees, or in groups over a public forum or “Conversation.”

A More Affordable LaxCon  

US Lacrosse is offering a great deal for coaches, officials and fans to attend LaxCon. In addition to the $45 member all-access pass, we’re offering a discount for groups of five or more. The group rate is going for $35 for access to all sessions, the virtual exhibitor hall and the virtual event bag. Register by Jan. 3 for the best rates.

The Most Global LaxCon Ever  

There’s no need to travel this year. No airplane rides or road trips with hotel stays. LaxCon is open to everyone, no matter where you play. World Lacrosse will host a special session on the Olympic movement for our sport, and the new 6-v-6 version of the game the organization has helped develop. 

As of December, LaxCon registrants hailed from the U.S., Canada, Japan, Finland and Italy, among other nations.