In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, US Lacrosse is releasing a series of videos that were produced for the opening of the new National Lacrosse Hall of Fame and Museum, which is located at US Lacrosse National Headquarters in Sparks, Md.

The first of these videos, “The Spirit of the Stick” features interviews with National Lacrosse Hall of Fame member Oren Lyons and legendary stick maker Alf Jacques.

“It’s said that lacrosse is given to our people by the Creator,” Jacques said. “The Creator wants us to play lacrosse, the Creator watches lacrosse games. The stick that comes from nature is part of this.”

“It’s really not a sport for us,” Lyons said. “The competition is fierce and so forth, but you couldn’t call it a sport. It’s much more than that.”

Watch the full video here: