US Lacrosse asks players, coaches, officials, parents, and spectators to conduct themselves in a manner that “Honors the Game” and demonstrates respect to others.  By affiliating with US Lacrosse, individuals and organizations agree to comply with the aspirational guidelines set forth in the Code of Ethics, regarding Respect, Fairness, Teamwork, Communication, Conflict of Interest and Legality.

The US Lacrosse Ethics Advisory Subcommittee (EAS) recommends the following best-practices to avoid the potential of ethical breaches among volunteer organizational leaders:

  • Ensure that all purchases and selections are competitively bid.
  • Maintain an open and transparent balloting system for awards.
  • Require that an acknowledgement of ethical standards, which includes an acknowledgement of potential conflicts of interest, be signed by volunteer leaders. Examples of conflicts of interest would include the following:
  1. Prioritizing the influence one has, or the benefits to one’s business, career, or dealings, from holding a US Lacrosse volunteer position, over service to the organization and its mission.
  2. Holding, directly or indirectly, a position of financial interest in any outside entity from which US Lacrosse or a local chapter secures goods or services (including the services of buying or selling stocks, bonds or other securities), or that provides services to competitive to US Lacrosse or a local chapter.
  3. Competing, directly or indirectly, with US Lacrosse or a local chapter in the purchase or sale of property or property rights, interests, or services.
  4. Rendering managerial or consultative services to any outside entity that does business with, or competes with US Lacrosse or a local chapter, or to rendering other services in competition with US Lacrosse or a local chapter.
  5. Disclosing or using information relating to the business of US Lacrosse or a chapter for the personal profit or advantage of the individual or his/her immediate family.  Mandatory, full disclosure is required to reveal any positions, ownership, or relationship with any organization, which may be in conflict with the best interests of US Lacrosse or a chapter.

Should any implicit or explicit conflict of interest exist, recusal from the discussion or decisions of a board, committee or subcommittee is mandatory.