Due to the nationwide disruption of the high school lacrosse season caused by the coronavirus pandemic, US Lacrosse is postponing the 2020 High School Awards Program until further notice. This suspension includes both the boys’ and girls’ high school All-America Award and All-Academic Award, as well as the other annual awards that are part of the program.

At this time, the spring lacrosse season has been canceled or suspended in many parts of the country. US Lacrosse is carefully monitoring lacrosse participation in all regions and remains in close contact with the US Lacrosse Area Chairs who facilitate the awards process in their areas. Based on their current feedback, US Lacrosse’s online nomination link for 2020 submissions has been closed.

US Lacrosse continues to closely monitor nationwide high school lacrosse participation levels and will announce any changes to the status of the awards program that may be warranted.  

In the interim, we will be launching another high school initiative this week to recognize high school players who are making an impact in their communities in this unprecedented time.

US Lacrosse encourages individuals to visit www.uslacrosse.org or our social media sites for further updates or information about our programs and services. 


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