SPARKS, Md. — The US Lacrosse Coach Development Program (CDP) will offer a series of virtual workshops over the coming months to provide coaches with useful tools in planning for their seasons.

The virtual workshops will satisfy the instructional clinic portion of the US Lacrosse Coach Certification Program until further notice due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Workshops for Athlete-Centered Coaching (Level 1) and Team-Centered Coaching (Level 2) will begin in November while Team Development (Level 3) workshops will be coming soon.

The workshops will be conducted via Zoom and will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants for each session, providing a more personal approach to learning. Virtual workshops focus on the theory behind optimal coach development. Content is taught through a series of group discussions, breakout rooms and time for reflection.

Athlete-Centered Coaching (Level 1) workshops focus on building and implementing and athlete-centered coaching philosophy. The session will cover best practices for teaching lacrosse skills in a manner that optimizes athlete development. This course is theory-based and is not game or level specific at this time.

Team-Centered Coaching (Level 2) workshops focus on creating a positive team culture and developing strategies for increasing critical thinking skills by using an athlete-centered approach. Coaches will discover best practices for structuring a team that optimizes both player and team development. For Level 2 workshops, participants should enroll in a session specific to the team they coach (game and level).

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