SPARKS, Md. — US Lacrosse today announced an evolution in its process of selecting officials and assessors for Federation of International Lacrosse world championships.

US Lacrosse staff and volunteers will comprise a task force of six to evaluate and ultimately rank applicants based on pre-determined criteria. The task force will recommend a slate of officials and assessors to the U.S. delegate to the FIL, which affords member-nations the ability to send a designated number of officials and assessors to its championships. The number varies for each event, based in part on the number of teams participating and games scheduled.

“A number of staff and other leaders in the officiating community worked together in recent months to devise a better process for US Lacrosse to evaluate and select international officials and assessors,” Charlie Obermayer, senior manager of officials development at US Lacrosse, said. “Officiating or assessing officials at a world championship represents a great honor and a great responsibility, and this revised process will help US Lacrosse to submit its best representatives for each of those positions.”

US Lacrosse has published, via the link below, criteria for officials to be eligible for selection to work games at both of the FIL’s world championships scheduled for 2019 in Canada: the under-19 women’s event Aug. 1-10 in Peterborough, Ontario, and the men’s indoor event Sept. 19-29 in Langley, Ontario.

Also available are the selection process and the criteria the task force will use when determining rankings of applicants.

An assessor applicant pool also will be created for those wishing to participate in that capacity at an event. Specific criteria and requirements are established for them, as well the process that the task force will follow when ranking and recommending assessors to the U.S. delegate.

All candidates, whether selected for an FIL event or not, will be provided with feedback on their application so they may better understand areas of their game they need to work to improve their prospects of selection to future international events.

Eligibility and Selection Info for International Officials

It's not to early for officials interested in working games at either of the two FIL championships in 2019 to submit their candidacy.

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