SPARKS, Md. — US Lacrosse today named men’s and women’s lacrosse officials development coordinators for the nine regions that comprise the evolved national officiating structure developed last year.

US Lacrosse Officials Development Region Coordinators serve as the main liaison for their region in connection with US Lacrosse. They primarily assist with gathering and providing information, expertise, advice and direction to the State Coordinators within their region throughout the year. They will be working with US Lacrosse staff directly to help identify areas of strength, need and opportunity for the development of officials in their region.

US Lacrosse selected the 18 region coordinators through a thorough search led by US Lacrosse staff and the Officials Development Subcommittee.

“As our sport continues to grow, so does the demand for US Lacrosse to deliver more development and educational resources to officials across the country,” Charlie Obermayer, senior manager of officials development at US Lacrosse, said. “These Region Coordinators will fill an important leadership role that will work with State Coordinators and other groups to assist us in recruiting, retaining and developing officials in sufficient quantities to appropriately cover youth and scholastic games across the country.”

Region Coordinators will assist US Lacrosse staff in the selection of the State Coordinators within their region. Applications for state coordinator positions remain open for a limited time only. Region and State Coordinators will work together to position US Lacrosse to better deliver timely and relevant information, to drive adoption of US Lacrosse standards and best practices, and to assist staff and leadership in the development and prioritization of future goals for the US Lacrosse Officials Development Program.

“The selection of these Region Coordinators represent the beginning of a large shift in the way we plan to establish a greater connection between the local lacrosse and officiating communities, state associations and other key stakeholders throughout the country,” Obermayer said. “We will be working over the next few months to provide them with the training, resources and information they will need to be successful in their roles. We look forward to providing a higher level of support to the lacrosse community through these positions.”

By region, the US Lacrosse Region Coordinators:

Northeast: Kevin Curley (men’s game), Lisa Volland (women’s game).
Mid-Atlantic: Kevin Forrester (M), Karen Blaine (W).
Southeast: Dale Hall (M), Veronica Hewgley (W).
Great Lakes: Ty Wilkinson (M), CarolLynn Ellison (W).
Southwest: Chris Menzel (M), Charlotte Johnston (W).
Great Plains: Chris Brescia (M), Tim Likes (W).
Mountain: Dave Malmquist (M), Christina Gfeller (W).
Pacific Southwest: Sean Connally (M), Kevin Mahoney (W).
Pacific Northwest: Tom Hoffert (M), Juliet Baker (W).

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