US Lacrosse has released a series of videos from its Coach Development Program (CDP) designed to help teach the basic fundamentals of the sport.

Designed as a companion to the training offered through the in-person US Lacrosse CDP Level 1 instructional clinics, these videos cover the following skills: ground balls, cradling, catching, throwing, shooting, dodging, individual defense, cutting and picks. That is also the CDP recommended order to teach the skills to help players build on the skills in a progressive manner.

“We wanted to provide a quick, easily consumable tool that’s readily available for any coach looking for information on how to teach these basic skills to their players,” said Dara Woizesko, senior manager of CDP for US Lacrosse.

The nine videos feature national CDP trainers working on their own and with their athletes to demonstrate proper teaching methods. Each video is between three to seven minutes in length and includes and introduction, demonstration and explanation of the techniques.

Future resources from the US Lacrosse CDP library will include additional tools to help coaches detect errors from their players and tips to correct each skill.

Coach Development Program

The US Lacrosse Coach Development Program provides comprehensive guidance to both beginning and experienced coaches through online courses, in-person instructional clinics and additional resources.

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