SPARKS, Md. — US Lacrosse has unveiled its Flex6 Lacrosse program, a fun, fast-paced, non-contact version of the game that can be played by any mix of players up to six per team.

Flex6 Lacrosse guidelines have been officially approved by US Lacrosse and are standardized for safety, however most aspects of play are completely flexible and adaptable in the following areas:

  • Field size
  • Can be played indoors or outdoors
  • Number of players (ranging from three to six per side)
  • Mixed or single gender
  • Age of players
  • Formally-officiated or self-officiated
  • Variety and sticks/balls are permitted with no additional equipment required
  • Multiple options for goals and scoring

“By being less structured than traditional play, Flex6 Lacrosse reduces barriers to entry and provides players more opportunities for creativity, developing social skills and enjoying the game of lacrosse,” said Erin Smith, senior director of sport development for US Lacrosse. “Flex6 Lacrosse isn’t designed to take the place of traditional lacrosse, but we feel can be a great alternative for players to engage with the sport and enjoy the benefits of participation in an adjustable program environment.”

Flex6 Lacrosse is inspired by the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM) and its six core values, with a particular focus on the values of small-sided play, fun and kid-centered, and age appropriate/inclusive.

Organizations interested in creating lacrosse play and programming opportunities using the Flex6 Lacrosse guidelines should contact their local US Lacrosse regional manager to discuss options, learn more, and to obtain a complimentary full copy of the official Flex6 Lacrosse Guidelines for Play.