US Lacrosse is excited to announce the second annual WallBall Challenge, powered by SNYPR. This year’s contest will run from June 1-30, 2017 and all proceeds will benefit the First Stick Program, a US Lacrosse initiative that provides resources, including equipment, to start-up lacrosse programs.

“It was very rewarding to see so many young players participate last year, both working on their game and giving back to the sport,” said Susie Chase, vice president of philanthropy and partnerships for US Lacrosse. “SNYPR has been a great partner in this endeavor and we’re thrilled to work with them again on the challenge.”

“We are thrilled to be powering the second annual US Lacrosse WallBall Challenge to raise money for the First Stick Program. Last year was a huge success and we plan to build on that win with additional features in the SNYPR app and a deeper partnership with US Lacrosse and RallyMe,” said Doug Appleton, SNYPR’s CEO and co-founder. “The SNYPR app gamifies wall ball by automatically counting players' reps and creating challenges where players compete on individual and team leaderboards. With the USL WallBall Challenge, players get better playing wall ball while raising money to provide equipment for new players. It’s a win-win.”

Using new technology from the SNYPR app that counts reps as players work on their stick skills throwing the ball against a wall, the WallBall Challenge allows both individuals and teams to track their progress and win prizes. This year’s contest is sponsored by, and prizes have been donated by All Pro Ball Rebounders, Brine, Cascade, Halo Headband, Lax Chic, SISU Mouthguard, StringKing, TRUE, UWHK, Under Armour and Warrior.

Participants solicit sponsors to reward them for their hard work by making donations to the First Stick Program through the RallyMe website.

Last year’s challenge included over 2,000 participants that totaled more than 3.8 million reps over a 10-week period, helping to raise $40,000 for the First Stick Program. Gavin Jones, a high school player from Virginia, completed 111,111 reps to lead the nation after his coach suggested it as a summer activity for improvement.

“I feel a lot more comfortable with my stick,” Jones said during a visit to US Lacrosse headquarters last summer where he got the chance to meet up with William Cate, his main rival for the top of the leaderboard in the US Lacrosse WallBall Challenge. Cate also topped the 100,000 rep mark.

“He gained far more than 100,001 reps,” wrote William’s mom, Tinley Schinault. “He gained field confidence along with muscle memory and the ability to put more pieces of the puzzle together on the field, which allows his love for the sport to come through and a lot more fun to be had.”

Earlier this year, US Lacrosse awarded 128 First Stick grants to teams and programs in 35 states worth more than $400,000 in retail value.

About SNYPR:

SNYPR is a Silicon Valley start up company founded in 2015 to create a multi-sport practice platform for youth athletes. SNYPR uses wearable technology to improve a player’s skills and confidence by making practice a fun, social game. SNYPR launched their first mobile app for lacrosse in 2016, which uses sensors in a phone to automatically track a lacrosse player’s reps while playing wall ball or having a catch. Players compete and connect with friends, and coaches create practice programs for their teams. More information about SNYPR is available at


First Stick Program

The US Lacrosse First Stick Program helps provide comprehensive resources, from equipment to coach development, to help new lacrosse programs build off a strong foundation.

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