Silence is a predator’s best friend. 

When organizations, coaches, administrators, parents, and athletes choose to address child sexual abuse, we promote awareness, education, and open discussion. We remove the silence and secrecy that is a predator’s best weapon for perpetuating abuse. 

US Lacrosse is committed to the protection of youth athletes and the prevention of child sexual abuse in lacrosse. National background screenings, in combination with online training, create a comprehensive preventative strategy against child sexual abuse. As part of its commitment to youth athlete welfare, US Lacrosse is offering free national background screenings to all coach members.

With help from many within the lacrosse community who share the same dedication to youth athlete safety, US Lacrosse developed the following video to raise public awareness about youth athlete safety and national background screening and online training.

The USL SafeSport Program is dedicated to ensuring that youth athletes are safe, both on and off the field. Coach members can go online to their US Lacrosse Membership Portal and complete the national background screening. It’s easy and free, but more importantly, it’s the right thing to do.

Regardless of your role in lacrosse, please join us in making the commitment to make our sport a safe place for all youth athletes and by spreading the message that there is no room for predators in lacrosse.